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A Few Words About Naxos rent a car moto apollon

"If Paradise was on Earth, it would be here." This is what the most renowned Greek author and philosopher of the 20th century, Nikos Kazantzakis, had to say about Naxos. Indeed, Naxos was a beloved island of the ancient Greek Gods and it is no coincidence that the God of pleasure and wine, Dionysius, is the ancient God of Naxos. Dionysus is said to be neither a child nor an adult, but rather the eternal youth, with a spirit of energy and the transforming power of a youthful yet wise mind. Naxos Island will offer you a Dionysian experience of pleasure and boundless energy, as well as physical, mental and spiritual transformation, as you experience its eternal youthfulness.

One can say that Naxos is a microcosm of Greece itself. It is the largest island of the Cyclades and offers a large selection of activities to satisfy every visitor. Colours, images, smells and tastes all conspire to seduce you. With its picturesque traditional villages steeped in history, coastal areas, mountainous regions, golden-grained pristine sand beaches, breath-taking Ancient Temples, unmatched landscape and, of course, authentic Greek culture, one is truly spoilt for choice in Naxos.

The blessed, fertile land of Naxos yields a variety of traditional local products, used in authentic Greek recipes that are guaranteed to gastronomically impress even the most discriminating of palates.

With all the local knowledge you could hope for, our staff shall guide you in making your holiday an unforgettable experience of everything of the best that Naxos has to offer. Here are just a few highlights…

  • Dimitras Temple
  • Moni Photodoti in Danakos
  • Panagia Drosiani in Moni
  • Kouros Statues in Kourounochori
  • Marble Queries in Kinidaros
  • Emery Mines in Koronos
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